Full Time Community Manager / Destination Travel Planner

Created on: Thu 06 Jul, 2023 | Job type: Full Time


We are a travel company focused on building a community of chales (friends) who love exploring and supporting Africa! Sorted Chale was born from a passion for travel and a desire to bring people of all backgrounds and perspectives together. At the core of our business model is a desire to support young people in Africa through employment and education. All our experiences are led by Afro- Genz's, who we pay 20-25x the daily minimum wage during peak seasons. Our yearly educational scholarships also ensure that we provide selected members of our team with access to education. Our journey with Sorted Chale so far has allowed us to see firsthand how travel can be a life-changing and impactful experience! Our sole aim is to make sure that you leave the continent with unforgettable memories, a new love for Africa and friendships that will flourish in years to come.


  1. Working with cultural experts to identify the best experiences we can implement in our itinerary
  2. Leading consultations with B2B client to understand their needs
  3. Leading consultations with private bookings to understand their needs
  4. Leading consultations on MBA treks to understand their needs
  5. Leading consultations on Africa experiences to deliver itineraries
  6. Identifying suitable curators to use for experience curation in various African countries (this requires reviews analysis and social media presence and commentary)
  7. Working collaboratively with guest to finalise cost of itineraries
  8. Identifying and implementing engaging ways to engage our subscribers through newsletter writings
  9. Composing and following up on vital trips email communications to groups as required
  10. Providing ongoing account support to existing client accounts assigned
  11. Supporting with client payment communications and facilitation via link creation and reconciliation; Invoice & Receipt management with support team
  12. Managing SC’s client inquiry inbox & responding promptly and efficiently to all client & vendor queries


  • Native level fluency in English.
  • You are used to working within multicultural teams and are a good communicator who can develop support for your plans amongst team members and higher management
  • 2-3 years of professional experience in a client-serving role
  • Passion for building relationships
  • Dynamic team player
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Experience in travel, logistics, or hospitality industry a plus (but this should not stop you from applying)

Application Requirement

  • Upload your  CV detailing your experiences
  • Upload a 500-word paragraph on a time when you displayed organizational skills
  • Upload a 500-word paragraph on "Why you want to join our team"